Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation
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Guiding You Through Workers' Compensation Litigation

Are you or a family member going through a difficult workers' compensation case? Trust in J.A. Davis & Associates LLP to guide you through it. In the state of Texas, your workers' compensation benefits can last almost 8 years. That's a lot of medical and indemnity benefits that you're entitled to! Don't lose out by hiring an inexperienced lawyer. 

An Aggressive Benefits Attorney 

If you've been hurt on the job due to someone else's negligence and your employer doesn't carry workers' compensation insurance, you're still entitled to pursue a personal injury claim. We'll make sure that we follow all of the newest laws and deadlines related to your case. 

Protecting You From a Low Payout

If your employer does carry workers' compensation insurance, then there's no doubt that they will hire an educated team of lawyers to combat your claim. If you try to take your case alone or with an under-educated lawyer, you may get a low payout or no payout at all for your injury. 
Workers' Compensation

What Is an Ombudsman?

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